Featured Cars

Oct 2018
Calla's 2004 Mazdaspeed RX-8

May 2012 Alan McAllister's 1995 RX-7

October 2010 The SpeedSource FXDD Mazda RX-8

Congratulations SpeedSource and drivers Emil Assentato and Jeff Segal, on the Grand Am Rolex Driver's and Team Championship!
Congratilations Mazda on the Grand Am Rolex GT Manufacturer Title!

July 2009 The SpeedSource Castrol Syntec Mazda RX-8

February 2008 Jay Leno's Mazda Cosmo Sport 110S

May 2007 Andrew's 20BNA Series 3 RX-7

August 2006 Steve Tong's 2004 RX-8

February 2006 Stan Lee's 1989 Turbo II

November 2005 Sevenstock 8, people's Choice Award winners

April 2005 John's Rx-7s

December 2004 Bob pelikan's 350 HP Mazda rotary powered super sleeper sidecar rig

October 2004 Sevenstock 7, people's Choice Award winners

September 2004 Rick McFarland's 1987 Mazda RX-7 Turbo II

June 2004 Mike Fernandez's 1995 CONCEPT SPECIAL

January 2004 Jeff's 1983 Rx-7 GSL Roadster

November 2003 Roy Baber's '86 Rx-7 GXL

September 2003 Matt Horton's JC Cosmo

May 2003 Steve Brown's Rx-7

December 2002 Berny Herrera's '83 GS turbo

October 2002 Matt Ghali's '88 TII convertible

August 2002 pJ Doyle's '94 Rx-7 R1 Updated 4/14/2004

June 2002 Alley Baggett's '93 Rx-7

April 2002 Rob Wright's '85 GSL-SE

December 2001 2001 RX-7 Type R BATHURST

October 2001 George Samuels' 2000 RXX-7

June 2001 Joe Bomberger's 1985 GSL-SE

February 2001 Christian Machon's 1992 Twin Turbo RX7

January 2001 Dimitris Tsichlas' 1993 RX-7 Touring

October 2000 Steve Jurovich's 1993 RX-7 R1

August 2000 Rebecca Schubert's 1988 SE

July 2000 David Lane's Turbocharged GSL-SE

February 2000 Tyrone Henriques's Turbo 1984 Mazda RX7 GSL-SE

January 2000 Demetrios Karagiannis' '93 Rx-7

December 1999

September 1999 Mad Marin-Mazda Rx-7

August 1999 Ray Lochhead's FD prostreet Rx-7, 7.80 @ 171 mph

July 1999 Richard Guzman's '88 Rx-7 Convertible

June 1999 Bryant Harris's '93 Rx-7

May 1999 Alain Tsai's '93 Rx-7

December 1998 1999 Rx-7 (Japan only) SadFace

September 1997 Ben Harrison's Convertibles

June 1997 Brooks Weisblat's '93 Rx-7

April 1997 1997 Rx-7 (Japan only) SadFace

March 1997 Al Laird's 1981 Custom Rx-7

February 1997 John Schubert's 1981 GSL

This page will feature someone's Rx-7 or rotory powered vehicle. To submit your car for consideration; send a picture of your Rotory powered vehicle, competition history, description and/or any other relevant information. You can get it to me by one of the following methods (in order of preference):
  1. Send me the URL of the page that features your car.
  2. Send me your files attached to an email message.
  3. Upload to this site.

I will review the cars submitted against the rules below. The rules are listed in order of importance.

  1. Is it an Rx-7? (not a requirement, but has to be rotory powered)
  2. How much work do I need to do to use the featured car? (yes I'm lazy ;-)
  3. How good does the picture look?

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