Car of the Month, August 2000

my rxtcedrivers sidepassenger siderearrearstrut barat SS5Sevenstock 7, Best 2nd gen.
Updates coming... pictures of new paint job.
new paint @ sunset

Owner: Rebecca Schubert

Rx7 info: 1988 Rx-7 SE 2+2,  Gold

I have been an Rx-7 enthusiast my whole life... well not exactly, since I was 7. My father is the co-founder of the Bay Area Rx-7 Club. I drove my first rotary when I was 16, an RX4 wagon, lowered, sway bars, Holley 550, header with an Rx-7 Prima Flow muffler. I fell in love, and have never owned anything but a rotary since. I have been through a few.

My current '7 which I am most proud of is a Gold '88 SE, with 50,000 original miles on a bone stock car. I had a little accident which allowed me to customize it. Added is a strut bar, a Mariah mod 5 air dam, and Mariah's custom flared fiberglass racing fenders. Still to do is the wheels (Panasports).

Upgrades from '91 TII (courtesy of BackYard Engineering ;-), June 2002:

Sevenstock 7, People's Choice Awards, Best 2nd Gen Rx-7

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