Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 12:30:55 -0400
From: Ron Slabach <xanthius@earth...>
Subject: Re: (sa22c) Need Electronic help with Alternator Swap

After further study I have found an easier, cleaner install for the relay.

The WB wire that the relay controls goes to the Choke & Check relay. 
This relay is in the left (driver's) side rear of the engine compartment.

There are two plugs that go into the C&C relay.  Both are called A-05 in 
the wiring diagram.  One is a 4 terminal plug and the other is a 2 
terminal T plug.  The WB wire we need to cut is in the bottom of the T 
plug and the BW wire (switched 12V) is in the top.  The black wire in 
the four terminal plug is a ground.  These are all the connections we 
need for the Alternator relay in one place.

I won't go into more detail with words, but these pics and diagram 
should explain how I hooked up the relay.       wiring taps and Alt.relay       plugs installed in C&C relay       finished installation      wiring diagram

Ron Slabach
84 GS(lse)
74 RX-4
Naples, FL

Ron Slabach wrote:

Is a picture of plug G-10 with the tap installed.

Ron Slabach wrote:

I'm so glad David found out about this.  I've been chasing a power 
drain in my RX-4 for months.  I found a nut that had fallen across two 
terminals on the fuse block.  I thought that would solve the problem, 
but it didn't.

If I didn't drive the car for 2 or 3 days the battery would be dead.  
I solved the problem by putting in a yellow Optima (what a great 
battery), but I knew power was still draining.  I had traced it to the 
alternator (late model FC) when this thread began.

I've installed that alternator (FC) in my SE and put the relay on per 
this thread.  Pictures and a wiring diagram are at..

#1 This is the top of the relay I used.  Normally open 30 amp relay.  
I think I got it from Advance Auto Parts.  Most relays have a diagram 
like this on the case.  If terminals 86 gets 12V and 85 is grounded 
(or vice versa), power from 30 can flow through to 87 (or vice 
versa).  No power to 86 no power to 87.

#2  This is a picture of the relay installed.  I hooked it up  near 
the alternator to make sure it worked.  I'll be moving it to the inner 
driver's fender near the AC relays.  This hookup makes a great 
picture.  One red wire is grounded to the firewall.  The other is 
spliced into the Blue/black wire in plug G-10.  This is a connector 
between the main harness and the front AC harness.  It is located in 
the left (driver's), rear corner of the engine compartment.  This wire 
should be on all 84/85 cars.  It supplies switched power to the AC 
relays.  This is the general spot I will be mounting the alternator 
relay in the future.  I chose the L terminal wire to install the 
relay.  It is the small white wire on the FC alternator plug, which 
connects to the White/black wire in the FB harness plug.  I have used 
another plug that mates with the plug on the car.  That's why you see 
blue and black wires.

#3 This is a diagram of the connections.

Now I need to do this to my RX-4 with the FD alternator that I just 

Ron Slabach
Naples, FL


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