'81 to '83 Rx7 Power Antennas

Addendum for '84/'85

Factory relay and aftermarket stereos

The factory stereo grounds the antenna line when the tuner is turned on. Most other stereo (like Sony) supply +12V when the tuner is turned on. To use the factory relay with an aftermarket stereo make the following changes to the 8 pin connector (G-01) at the antenna relay. The wire color codes are in [].:

Changing the antenna to go down when you turn off the key

Move pin 1 to a +12V source that is on all the time like the cigarette lighter, your antenna will go down when you turn the key off... Make sure your 12V source is fused.


I've implemented this on an '81 GSL and an '82 GSL. It should work on any similar relay on other years as well. John Schubert
I take no responsibility for the accuracy of this information or electrical damage that may result from improper wiring.

Wiring Color Code
CodeColor CodeColor
B Black Lg Light Green
Br Brown O Orange
G Green R Red
Gy Gray W White
L Blue Y Yellow
Lb Light Blue

Wiring Diagram Wiring Diagram
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Addendum for '84/'85, untested.

Looks like the same relay is used, just different color wires... Ref.: section J, 1984 Mazda RX-7 Wiring Diagram.

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