Rx-7 Alternator Cross Reference and Swap Chart

v- Chassis      swap notes -> alternator bolt in circuit rewire * change pulley Comments
   (50A Alternator, SE: 60A)
50A X     LR Charging system diagram
60A X     LR
70A X     LR
80A   X   "L-S" diagram
100A   X X LS
'86-'88 (70A alternator) 70A X     LR
80A   X   LS
100A   X X LS
'89-'92 (80A alternator) 80A X     '91 Charging system diagram
100A     X Mystery switch on '91 alt. lamp.
'93 & up (100A alternator) 100A X     LS

General Observations:
I've had some feedback from a couple of people. Seems there are some variations in the current ratings. I can only assume this is a result of running production changes by Mazda or their suppliers...

Pictures of various alternators

1st gen
1st gen, N221
GSL-SE, N304
© David Lane
'86-'88 NA, N326
'91 NA, N350
© David Lane
'91 Turbo, N370
3rd gen, N3A1
'89 & up connector

* Requires alternator circuit rewire.  When installing an LS alternator (S5 or S6) into an earlier car (S2-S4) you will need to do more than just change the connector. Based on the wiring diagrams comparisons and other information resources that I agree with, I have come to the following conclusions:


To convert an LR system to an LS system you must change  the "R" circuit to an "S" circuit by moving the wire connected to the alternator to a constant battery reference. If you don't feel comfortable doing this I would recommend sticking with a "plug compatible" alternator or have a shop rebuild yours for more current. 

To modify the wiring based on the wiring diagrams above:

  1. Disconnect the battery ground cable.
  2. Change the alternator plug on the engine harness: WB to WB (White/Black trace). Tape the BW (Black/White trace) wire on the engine harness.
  3. Connect the WL (White/Blue trace) on the new alternator connector to an appropriately fused (15A-30A), +12V source. Preferably the fusible link block or equivalent.
  4. Connect the battery ground cable.

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